Ankles are stupid

So, for the last year or so (around pregnancy/birth time), I've been exercising. Really starting to get into an actual jog/run pace. Then my ankle happened.

Well, my ankle actually happened at birth and then its initial injury occurred in 2005. Apparently, continuous activity makes a previously injured ankle unhappy.

How the hell do I get decent cardio in without use of my left foot? UGH.

So now I've been hobbled. I'm actively trying not to overeat or I will get super fat. But that's not the worst of it.

My kidneys are jealous of all of this attention that my ankle is getting. You know how they say that to a child, any attention is good attention? Well, my kidneys are fucking 2 year olds.

I have a problem with kidney stones and I'm having a flare up.

My kidneys are stupid, too.

On a side note: I love Under Armour. It was 10 degrees out and I felt like I was running in the spring. UA, you are awesome.