Momma Bear

You know what sucks? Everyone else's kids...

My baby is the first to arrive at the location. She runs back and forth with a walker. She is having a great time.

Baby Mood Level: Squealing with happiness

Then, the other kid (henceforth known as kid B) shows up. The other kid is a little older and in a more possessive stage.

Baby Mood Level: REALLY happy. "Another baby?! Yuuuuus!"

It starts well. Kid B offers my girl a toy, which she happily accepts.

Baby Mood Level: Still happy as a pig in shit.

After much playing with smaller toys, my girl moves back to the walker that she had been having such a great time with, previously.

Baby Mood Level: HAPPY! "I love that toy!"

My girl plays with said toy until Kid B spots this. Kid B promptly runs over and knocks my girl over.

Baby Mood Level: So hurt! In hysterics. "What an injustice! How could I be so mistreated?"

My girl decides that she really wants at this toy, or the similar toy and tries again. Same. Results.

Baby Mood Level: So hurt! In hysterics. "What did I do to Kid B?! Mommy!!!!"

Oh, AND my girl is also a sympathetic baby. So, every time Kid B cried, she sobbed. This went on for the better part of 3 hours. The urge to knock over the other kid was insurmountable. I wanted to cry. The other parent is used to their kid knocking others over and didn't do/say much. I, on the other hand, am not used to her being knocked over, repeatedly. I'll have to wear gloves, to hide my mommy claws, the next time.

Babies are Crazy

So my daughter is an early walker. No, this is not a post about how life is harder with a mobile baby. People who feel that way drive me nuts. 

Babies are tiny people --> Most people walk upright/mostly upright --> Babies eventually will walk, even if it's like a drunken sailor.
It's natural progression.

Anywho, early walker apparently means early climbing, also. Let's see, I can't walk straight but maybe I should stand on the pop cases that are in the hallway still. Mom will catch me. Maybe I should just wrap her in bubble wrap. 

Bubble wrap is awesome.


Baby Companies are Stupid

You know what's dumb? The price of baby supplies. We're in baby-proofing mode... I didn't think it was going to be that bad. I picked up a kit before the baby was born for around $20. It has a doorknob cover, a million electrical outlet covers, those crappy safety latches for the cabinets, etc. Of those items, the only one that is really useful is the electrical outlets covers. I am shopping for baby gates, as we speak. I have to buy one for the top of the stairs and those of you who know about them, know that they are absurdly expensive. I won't name brands, but we'll put them in the ballpark of $70-$120. Lame.

Anyone have any DIY recommendations?