It's only fitting for me to open my blog with a post about the atrocious grammar & spelling that I encounter on a day to day basis. (<--- runon? IDK)
Admittedly, I may be guilty of the occasional grammatical error but, I'm choosing to rant anyway...

Homophones: a word that is pronounced the same as another word, but differs in meaning. Why does everyone suck at these now? I'm pretty sure that you learn a great deal of these in the early years of education.
    Here is a list of the ones that especially piss me off:

         *To is a preposition used for expressing direction, motion, movement, contact, or a point.
         *Too is an adverb used to express an excessive extent/amount or in addition to.
         *Two is a noun and a number.

          *Here is a location
          *Hear is what your ears do

         *Wear is what you do to clothes
         *Where is also a reference to a location (Another note... Why is everyone all of a
          sudden having a problem with the "h" in where?! Were is the past subjective of to be. Damn.)

I'll stop there.
 Please remember that most word processors have grammar checks now...
Don't ignore squiggly lines!

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