Things That I Say Every. Day.

Upon having my daughter, I didn't realize all of the different things that I say on a regular basis. Here are some of my favs:

1. Stop licking the garbage can!
2. No floor licking!
3. What's in your mouth?!*
4. Stop biting my toe!
5. Stop eating my hair!
6. You can't lift your foot if you are standing on it.
7. I'm sorry that I have to take the spoon out of your mouth before it magically has more food on  it.
8. Please don't put mashed potatoes in your nose.
9. No wall licking!
10. Stop eating your board book. 

*Okay, I expected this one BUT I use it so often that it is noteworthy.

What things do you say to your little one that you didn't expect?

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