I've posted about this previously but I feel it is necessary to revisit the topic.

Why must we compete with one another? Why are we incapable of working together and supporting each other? There are several websites out there for support. You name the topic and there are circles of people that band together for support. <-- Well, that was the original intention. There are communities where people feel the need to be sanctimonious about their ideals. For example, I have a friend who we'll call, Rita*. She called me the other day, nearly in tears, because she was being assaulted for not breastfeeding her first child. I won't go into all of the gory details, but this was not an option for her and it was upsetting to her to not be able to. Instead of banding together, in this instance, as mothers, people chose to attack her for this "decision". 

If you really think about it, as a society, we do this often to our peers. It's one thing to disagree but it's an absolutely different thing to assault those who disagree or make other choices. When did we stop debating/discussing/conversing and start being disrespectful? Stop bullying your peers. I feel sad for our society sometimes.

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